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What can flower essences do for you?

Flower essences facilitate change, opening the way for emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical healing.  As energetic remedies, essences interface with the human energy system, helping you build resilience and shift even longstanding patterns and issues that may be impacting the quality of your life.

Wild Pansy Essence

What Is a flower essence session?


Every flower essence session begins with a conversation.  Whatever you wish to share about yourself and your experience will guide the work we do together.  We'll talk about what kind of support you need in your life right now and what issues or patterns you’d like to address with essences.

If you have physical issues
, I may do an energetic scan of your system, using a form of dowsing, to get a sense of any imbalances that might be influencing how you feel and to help me select essences that will be most helpful for you.

From here, there are two possibilities:

essence blend


After our talk, I’ll make a flower essence blend for you to take that corresponds to the issues we discussed in your session. I’ll be drawing from a collection of 700+ essences to create a customized energetic remedy to support you emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you’d like, I can suggest simple practices that you can try on your own to enhance the action of your blend. I’m always available to answer any questions you might have as you're taking your essence.

Energy Healing + essence blend $145

I offer remote energy healing sessions with flower essences to balance the chakras, release stress and reset your system's natural rhythms. These sessions are a lot like distance Reiki, and most people find the experience relaxing. As vibrational remedies, the essences interface with the human energy system, allowing the body to unwind and heal in its own way. 

Afterwards, I’ll make you an essence blend (as just described) to extend the benefits of the energy work.
To schedule a session or free introductory call, send me a note through the Connect page or email me directly at

If you are a new client, please electronically sign this consent form before our first appointment.  Thank you!
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