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Flower Essences

"Flowers, as the highest energetic expression of a plant, can help you access the most fully realized expression of yourself."


What are flower essences?

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that carry the energetic properties of flowering plants.  Most essences are made by floating flowers in water in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours. The flowers are then removed, and the remaining liquid is combined with an alcohol or vinegar base to preserve the essence. 

How do they work?

Flower essences introduce the healing qualities of flowers into the human energy system. Essences carry the vibrational imprints of individual plants into our bodies, stimulating our own innate ability to return to physical and emotional balance.

What Have Flowers Taught Me?

Flowers and plants are an endless source of learning and inquiry for me, although one simple insight from the plant kingdom seems to surface for me again and again. 


Different plants need different conditions to bloom.  If a plant is not getting what it essentially needs, it won't flower, and the same is true for me, the same for you.  


We all need to attend kindly to our basic needs if we wish to fully express who we are and carry out the promise of the seed - the blueprint-of-self - that we each hold.  When we make room for self-care and self-love, we create conditions that make our “blooming" inevitable.

Purchase My Flower Essences:

Making essences is, for me, an expression of the deep connection I feel to the natural world. I am enormously grateful to be able to do this work in partnership with plants and trees and bring the  healing qualities of flowers to more people.

Many of the essences I’ve made are available through Delta Gardens - a flower essence company founded by David Dalton in the 1980s where I’ve worked with a team of practitioners and essence-makers for over a decade.

Delta Gardens offers over 700 flower, gem, and environmental essences from around the world. The essences I’ve contributed to the Delta Gardens collections can be found in the Artemisia Set, Aster Set, Child's Set, Daisy Set, Medicinal Herb Set, New England Tree Set, Pansy Set, Power Plant Set, Protection Set, Rose Set, Self Care Set, and Teasel Set. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like a complete list of the individual essences I've made.

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