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About Jennifer

Connecting with the natural world and communicating through writing are essential sources of inspiration and energy for me. I feel most alive when I’m hiking through the woods to make an essence or working on a new poem. Both practices have helped me enormously in healing from chronic Lyme disease.


Restoring energy and balance to my body has been a major theme of my life.  I’ve spent 20+ years, exploring what healing involves - what it means for me, personally, and what it might mean for us all, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I really didn’t expect my life’s work to evolve out of my own physical experiences, but holding a space for wellness for myself and others is truly central to all that I do now.


Flower Essences


I’ve worked as a flower essence maker and practitioner for over 10 years. Much of this time I’ve spent studying, apprenticing, and working with David Dalton, the founder of Delta Gardens, a flower essence company dedicated to essence production, research, clinical practice, and education.  


In session work, I see myself as your ally and supporter - and as a liaison to healing resources from the natural world.  I will work closely with you and your energy system to find remedies that will help you release patterns of imbalance, step into your full potential, and live more fully and comfortably.  I’m here in service of your own unique path and delighted to be able to extend the healing qualities of flowers to you.





For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to writing as a creative outlet.  In recent years, my relationship to writing has evolved into more of a meditative practice that I turn to on a daily basis as a way to recharge, clear my mind, and explore what feels most true and important in my life.


If you already write - or wish to begin writing - I can help you access and develop your own unique voice and style to clearly express what you wish to say. If you’re looking for help with a professional writing project, I will work with you and your organization to create written materials that support your mission and goals. I believe presence and attentive inquiry are essential parts of any collaborative writing process. I take care to listen deeply to the needs and goals of the individuals and organizations who wish to work with me. I’ve had the great pleasure of supporting quite a range of clients over the years including: PBS, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County.


If you are curious about any aspect of my work and would like to learn more, please feel free to send me a note.  I look forward to connecting with you.

With love,



University of Pennsylvania, English Literature – B.A. 
University of Pennsylvania, Reading, Writing & Literacy – M.S. Ed. 
Bennington College, Creative Writing and Literature – M.F.A. 

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