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Restorative Self Care
In The New Year

If you’ve been pushing a bit hard lately or feeling stressed in some aspect of your life, join me for a trio of flower essence sessions and make a conscious space for self-care in the new year.  


The intention for these sessions is to help you relax and deeply rest - and to introduce essences that can bring greater balance to an overstimulated nervous system.  


Our autonomic nervous system includes the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the fight-or-flight response to help us handle a challenge.  The parasympathetic nervous system restores the body to a peaceful, relaxed state.


In times of sustained activity or stress, the sympathetic nervous system may stay switched on and become dominant, creating an imbalance that can ultimately erode our health and our experience of life.


If you find that you can’t easily unwind, resist slowing down or have difficulty letting go into sleep, your sympathetic nervous system may be running the show.  


Each session will offer you a safe space to process whatever tensions you may be carrying. We’ll take a look at the balance of “doing” and “being” in your life, and we’ll use essences and simple breathing techniques to help you activate the relaxation response.  All sessions will include a distance flower essence healing and a customized blend to take each month.  


You’ll get:


  • 3 1-hour phone sessions (includes a conversation and remote healing with flower essences)

  • Flower essence blends after each appointment

  • Simple breathing exercises to practice on your own

  • Email support between sessions



I'll be offering 5 Restorative Self Care partnerships in January at a special rate of $75/session.  For more information about the program or to sign up, click the button below! 

Total Cost: $225

Flower Essences for Empaths

Are you highly intuitive and attuned to other people’s feelings, energy or physical issues?  Do you feel drained after spending time in groups - or do you find that people in need seek you out?  If so, there’s a good chance you’re an empath.


Flower essences can be a profound resource if you’re energetically sensitive - and can help you feel more comfortable and empowered in a world that needs your extraordinary compassion and care. 


If you’d like to explore your empathic gifts and discover new ways to support yourself, join me for series of 3 flower essence healing sessions over 3 months.  


Together, we’ll take a look at your unique empathic/psychic blueprint and explore the origins and energetics of your sensitivity. We’ll talk about the aspects of being an empath that are most challenging for you and explore essences to strengthen your energy field, shift patterns of interaction that compromise you, and clear any material that isn’t yours.


Here are a few common issues that we can address: sensory overload, anxiety, exhaustion/chronic fatigue, absorbing other people’s negativity and stress, emotional burnout, isolation and loneliness, difficulty expressing your needs.

You’ll get:


  • 3 1-hour phone sessions (includes a conversation and remote healing with flower essences)

  • Flower essence blends after each appointment

  • Simple practices to strengthen the action of the essences and help you live more comfortably as a deeply feeling person

  • Email support between sessions




I offer a limited number of empath collaborations on a monthly basis at a special rate of $75/session. 


To learn more about the program or to sign up, send me a note by clicking the button below!

Total Cost: $225

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Working with Giants:
Tree Essences 101

Learn how to connect with the giants of the plant kingdom and make your own tree essences in this introductory workshop.  We’ll explore the practical and energetic dimensions of creating essences from flowering trees with particular attention to: 


  • What you’ll need in terms of supplies

  • How to locate tree allies for your projects 

  • How to energetically and intuitively connect with your tree partners, ask permission, and build relationships over time

  • The creation process from start to finish - suggestions and tips

  • How to make stock and dosage bottles from your mother essence

  • How to test for potency

  • How to explore what your new tree essences do


Tree essences are among the most grounding, supportive, and mystical essences I’ve had the pleasure to create and use.  All tree essences have unique areas of influence, but as a group, they support the first chakra, energetically settle the nervous system, and help us feel more coherent and stable by developing our primal root system. Join me in exploring the realm of trees and discover your own relationship to the healing power of the forest.


I'll be offering this class again in the spring of 2024!  Stay tuned for dates.


Note: The timing of this workshop corresponds to the tree-flowering season in Massachusetts which is most active in April and May. This class is open to everyone, but you will need access to flowering trees wherever you live, as you’ll be doing work in the field between sessions.



  • 2 hour online workshop

  • Workshop notes & recordings

  • Essence making kit & 3 tree essences


Cost: $150


Location: Zoom

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