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Flower Essences for Empaths

Are you highly intuitive and attuned to other people’s feelings, energy or physical issues?  Do you feel drained after spending time in groups - or do you find that people in need seek you out?  If so, there’s a good chance you’re an empath.


Flower essences can be a profound resource if you’re energetically sensitive - and can help you feel more comfortable and empowered in a world that needs your extraordinary compassion and care. 


If you’d like to explore your empathic gifts and discover new ways to support yourself, join me for series of 3 flower essence healing sessions over 3 months.  


Together, we’ll take a look at your unique empathic/psychic blueprint and explore the origins and energetics of your sensitivity. We’ll talk about the aspects of being an empath that are most challenging for you and explore essences to strengthen your energy field, shift patterns of interaction that compromise you, and clear any material that isn’t yours.


Here are a few common issues that we can address: sensory overload, anxiety, exhaustion/chronic fatigue, absorbing other people’s negativity and stress, emotional burnout, isolation and loneliness, difficulty expressing your needs.

You’ll get:


  • 3 1-hour phone sessions (includes a conversation and remote healing with flower essences)

  • Flower essence blends after each appointment

  • Simple practices to strengthen the action of the essences and help you live more comfortably as a deeply feeling person

  • Email support between sessions




I offer a limited number of empath collaborations on a monthly basis at a special rate of $75/session.  To learn more about the program or to sign up, send me a note by clicking the button below.

Cost: $225


Peer Mentor Group

Join me in May for an informal mentor group, open to all practitioners who've completed the Delta Gardens Practitioner Training Program and who are currently seeing flower essence clients.

This group offers an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about your work, develop your professional community and receive support from other experienced practitioners.

Possible areas of inquiry include:


  • How to build your practice

  • Finding your own style of working

  • Developing self-awareness as a practitioner

  • Creating a healing space for sessions

  • Essences for particular issues

  • Considerations in creating dosage blends

  • Questions about the PET process

If you'd like to join, please click the button below to apply. Be sure to include any questions that you'd like to explore in the session. Open to 8 people. I'll contact you with payment details and a Zoom link.



Date/Time: May 6 - 5:30-7:00 pm ET

Cost: $20

Location: Zoom

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