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What can flower essences do for you?

As energetic remedies, flower essences can help you heal and reawaken parts of yourself that may be calling for your attention. I offer one-on-one flower essence consultations (60 minutes) to help you live more authentically, discover and express your truest self, and release any physical or emotional patterns that may be impacting your quality of life. I’ll help you make a connection to the plant allies that can best support you.


What is a flower essence session?


Every flower essence session begins with a conversation.  Whatever you wish to share about yourself and your life will guide the work we do together.  We'll talk about what you need most now and what you’d like to explore through essences.

I may do an energetic scan of your system, using a form of dowsing, to get a sense of any imbalances that might be influencing how you feel - and to help me select essences that will be most helpful for you.

If you'd like, I can offer an intuitive read on the issues you’re working through. This process usually highlights insights about personality, life patterns, relationship dynamics
and energetic imprints from the past.

From here, you can choose either of two paths: 

Custom essence blend 


I’ll put together a flower essence blend for you based on our talk. All of the essences I use have a unique area of influence and can, in different combinations, balance your energy system and offer support through any emotional or physical issues that may be coming to the surface. I can suggest simple practices that you can try to optimize the action of the essences, and I’m always available to answer questions while you’re taking your blend which should last for 3-4 weeks.

Distance energy session +

custom essence blend


Experience the healing effects of flower essences through a remote energy session. I’ll use a collection of essences to balance your system, release stress, and reset your body’s natural rhythms. As vibrational remedies, the essences interface directly with your subtle energy body, allowing your system to relax and heal in its own way.  After the session, I’ll create a custom essence blend to extend the benefits of the energy work.

To schedule a session or free introductory call, send me a note through the Connect page or email me directly at

If you are a new client,
please electronically sign this consent form before our first appointment.

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