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Magic Notes

Hello friend,

Thanks for visiting me here! It’s my wish to carve out a spot where I can record happenings and discoveries in nature…with particular attention to the unusual, the curious, the magical. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been making flower essences, gardening, and rambling through different wild spaces, more or less looking for relief from a 20-year dance I’ve been doing with Lyme disease and an assortment of other tick-borne diseases. (More on all of that another day!) I’ve discovered over the past many years that I feel better when I can spend a lot of time outside. So pulling on my rubber boots and getting lost in nature is part of my prescription for health. All this time I’ve spent in the woods, in gardens, on beaches has done some quiet and steady work on me on many levels. Much of what feels transformative about this time and about the connection I feel to the natural world is hard to put into words, but that’s precisely what I’d like to try to do here as well as offer anyone who’s exploring similar territory a chance to connect, swap stories, and generally revel in the many healing dimensions of the natural world. So pull up a chair. Stories to follow... Jennifer

P.S. A huge thanks to my multi-talented friend, Jasmine, who helped me develop this website. I couldn’t have started or finished this project without her insight and considerable skill. If you’re looking for a web design experience that’s actually very soulful and helps you discover new things about yourself - give Jasmine’s mindful process a look. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.


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